I want to know why

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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heard you werefuck

heard youagh

heard you wjesus gimme a secargh

heard you were talking shit

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These are photos of children crying for some great reasons, and these are my favorites lol.

whenever I tell people I don’t want kids, they get all indignant like “oh you say that now.” Then I just send them this photoset.

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pining is 100000% the most important aspect of pre-relationship fic for me. good-natured whole-hearted pining filled with lovelorn gazing and chest aching and fluttering touches, that’s my top priority. i was put on this earth to watch characters suffer over the profundity of their love for another person. unrequited love is why god made me. characters finding out that their feelings are reciprocated after long months/years of suffering is why the universe was assembled from nothingness. amen.

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What has the world come to

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Natalie Dormer on Women and Body Image in Hollywood during SDCC 2014 (x)


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Four times we wanted to wrap Sam in a blanket, cuddle him and sing him to sleep. 

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What do I think love is?



If your name is on one of these I just wanna let you know your parents are basic bitches with no creativity


Sounds like someone’s sad they couldn’t find their name on a coke bottle

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Supernatural Gif Challenge: 10 Scenes [8/10]

7x10; Death’s Door - Bobby’s best memory

I just can’t with this scene. The fact that Bobby’s best memory is not of his life before he became a hunter, when he was happy with his wife, or anything else. It’s of an evening with his two boys who have the rare opportunity to just be boys for once. They’re not stressing about the impending Apocalypse or frantically researching something for their current job, or fighting amongst themselves over demon blood or crossroads deals. 

They’re just two boys enjoying a movie and squabbling about candy. 

With their adoptive father. 


This was one of those scenes that made me cry and hyperventilate simultaneously

No. I can’t do this again.

Why did this have to appear twice in a row on my dash now I’m completely crying. 

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Fuckin’ Larry.  (x)

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watching: Orange is the New Black, Orphan Black.
reading: A Song of Ice and Fire Series. (Finally.)
listening to: Too much to list.